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HMI Certification

Class approved HMI Experts available for ship's HMI certification.


Underwater Inspections

We offer underwater inspections conducted by Class approved divers.


Preparatory Port State Control Inspection

Whenever a vessel arrives at an Australian Port, government officials board the vessel to conduct a Port State Control Inspection. This is a safety inspection and if serious deficiencies are found, the vessel can be detained.

To prevent that from happening, our surveyors board the vessel prior to the PSC surveyor and conduct a preparatory inspection. Any deficiencies found, are promptly reported to the Master and need to be rectified by ship's crew.


On/Off Hire Condition and Bunkers

It is very important to determine the general condition of the vessel when the vessel's owner hires the vessel out to a charterer. It is equally important for the charterer to know exactly what is being hired.

This calls for an On-Hire Condition and Bunker Survey. Our surveyors perform a detailed survey of the general condition of the vessel and cargo holds and quantify the bunkers on board, during the hiring or the de-hiring process.


221B Bunker Survey

Noah's Ark Solutions offer 221B Bunker Surveys to detect misplaced or underdeclared bunkers. Please contact us for further details.


General Superintendence

Our surveyors can attend your vessel from arrival to departure at certain Australian ports and assist the Master with various aspects of cargo operations, liaising with various parties such as Port Authority, Cargo Interests, Shipping Agents etc. This provides the vessel's owner or charterer with complete peace of mind, knowing that the vessel is in good hands.


Flag State Inspections

We are authorised by various flags to represent them in Australasia. We conduct FSI upon flag request and represent flags while dealing with different government agencies.


P and I Club Inspections

We are also able to carry out several surveys for P & I Clubs such as establishing the extent of damage and cause of a collapsed stow, possible involvement of a vessel in an oil spillage etc. We also carry out Ship Condition Inspections for P & I Clubs.


Emergency Relief/Worker Outsourcing

We  have supplied  experienced manpower, who are certified to sail on various types of vessels e.g. Oil, Chemical, PCC, Bulk Carriers and Log Carriers.

We have database of current, certified and experienced seafarers who can assist by joining  on short notice.


TMSA Navigational Audits

The Company can conduct worldwide real-time navigational audits with the purpose of checking the general navigation competence on board a vessel.
Navigational audits are carried out to verify safety of navigation, ensure effective and consistent application of navigational practices and bridge procedures in accordance with regulatory and industry requirements. The audit process consists as a minimum of the following elements:

Audits are conducted by qualified persons with experience, knowledge and training in today’s navigation procedures and techniques. Our Auditor will:

  • Use checklists / questionnaires as per industry (SIRE/VIQ) and Oil Majors’ standards
  • Analyze audit results to identify weak areas, training needs and trends

The audits may be complemented by the Training of bridge team on:

  • Bridge Procedures and Implementation

  • Situational Awareness and Voyage Monitoring

  • Navigation under Critical Situation

  • Risk Assessment related to Navigational Safety and Passage Planning

  • Passage Planning Details and Implementation

  • Human Element (Stress, Complacency and Distraction)

  • Mariner’s Fatigue and Error Chains

  • Communication

  • Pilot/ Bridge Team Integration

  • Teamwork Management

  • Chart corrections and Log Book Entries

  • Navigation-related drills

  • Verification of rectification of any deficiencies noted during vetting, PSC inspections, etc.

The service is provided during real time navigation, in accordance with TMSA2, Element 5. Detailed reports are provided reflecting the navigational practices based on the client’s procedures and applicable requirements.

Confidentiality: All documents and information given in connection to the audit will be treated as confidential and shall not be used for any other purpose other than that for which they have been provided.








Cargo Hold Suitability Assessment

It is important for a ship owner/charterer to know in advance, whether the cargo holds of a vessel are suitable to load/carry certain delicate cargoes.

If the vessel arrives at an Australian port and the shippers' surveyor does not accept the cargo holds for loading the designated cargo, the consequences can be devastating.

We offer services by which our surveyor will physically visit your vessel, take a detailed look at the visible and accessible parts of the cargo holds and offer his opinion on how prepared the cargo holds are to load a delicate cargo like grain, alumina, mineral sands or spodumene etc., in an Australian port.

At this time, we offer such services in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand and Indonesia.


Load and Discharge Draft Survey

It is important to ensure that the correct quantity of cargo has been loaded on to a vessel. Disputes can arise at the load or discharge port between the vessel owner and charterer, or the vessel and the shipper/receiver of the cargo.

For that purpose, it is important to have a marine surveyor verify the amount of cargo loaded or discharged, by Draft Survey. Our team has a vast experience in conducting draft surveys at various ports in Australia.


Cargo Hold Cleanliness Inspection

Australia exports a variety of bulk cargoes, for which the cargo holds require to be in a rather clean condition. Potential contaminants such as rust or previous cargo residues are not tolerated. Once the vessel fails the cargo hold inspection, the expense of cleaning the cargo holds are astronomical, especially if a shore-based crew is engaged.

Our surveyors can inspect the vessel's cargo holds prior to inspection by shippers' surveyor and advise the Master/owner on what cleaning to carry out. In our experience, this has worked out very economical for our existing clients in the past.


Cargo Holds Water-tightness and Seal

At times, it is required by charterers that vessel's cargo holds be tested for water-tightness prior to loading cargo. This could be for insurance purposes. It may further be required that hatch covers and hatch entrances be sealed with numbered security seals, after loading is complete.

We can assist with both the above, by using class approved ultra sonic hatch cover testing machine or performing a hose test or chalk test on the hatch covers and entrances. Hatch entrances and hatch covers are also sealed by our surveyors after completion of loading.


Container/Cargo Damage Surveys

Sometimes cargo within a container is noted to be damaged, when the contaier is opened by the receiver. We can be instrumental in protecting the receiver's interests or the shipping line's interest in that event.

A detailed report with photos is isuued after the inspection and ways of mitigation of claims are suggested.


Container/Flatrack Lashing Surveys

Most container liners require a marine surveyor to report that the lashings taken by the exporter are adequate for the intended voyage. We have for some time now, been engaged in the inspection of stowage and lashing of cargo on a flatrack, or cargo within a container.

A report is issued with photos and description of the securing. Also Out of Gauge measurements are reported if applicable.


MO32 Lifting Appliances Verification

Australian Navigation Act (amended) demands Marine orders issued from time to time in sync with industry needs and demands of time. Marine Order 32 requires the vessel cargo handling gear in good sound condition with material handling register endorsed and kept updated. We often receive special requests from Charterers/Ship Owners to conduct a survey to confirm compliance with MO32. We have been instrumental in assiting container vessel operators/owners in securing an approval from Terminal safety representative after additional scaffoldings on cross deck required as per Australian standards (MO32).








Cargo Expediatory Services

Noah's Ark delivers a comprehensive range of customized marine expediting services which can be tailored to meet your requirements, whatever the nature of your business may be and wherever you may operate.


Onboard Vessel Quantity/Quality

We are ready to assist Ship Owners, Oil Majors and Charterers to verify loaded cargo quantities after loading and prior discharing at discharge ports. Full detailed timely reports are sent to contracting parties in timely fashion.

We can attend at labs while witnessing the analysis of cargo samples before loading and discharging operations.


Preparatory SIRE/CDI Inspection

We can assist Ship owners, managers or other parties interested in reducing observations during SIRE/CDI vetting by providing an experienced master mariner to do a PRE Vetting inspection to identify the areas of concern and assist ship staff .

Noah's Ark Solutions can in addition to do Pre-Vetting inspection assist through the whole process.

Two to three weeks before a scheduled Vetting inspection one of Noah's Ark Solutions superintendent board the vessel and prepare an action list based on a Pre-Vetting inspection. A couple of days before the actual inspection the Superintendent returns to the vessel to verify that all items has been rectified and prepares the vessel for inspection. After the inspection we assist in performing a Root Cause Analysis on any observation and to prepare a good reply.


Chemical Tanker Operations

Chemical tankers are highly specialised unique vessels which need specialist care while loading/carrying, discharging or tank cleaning.

We can perform daily email advisory to ships loading high specs chemicals from Australasia. We can assist ship operators by providing a sailing chemist who can assist in tank cleaning and perform wall wash analysis on board while enroute to load port.

Our chemists are knowledgeable and current in industry and can be of good assistance to ship staff while cleaning the cargo tanks to Wall wash standards.


TC CHEMS/Wall Wash Kit and Supplies

We can organise whole range of Tank cleaning chemicals supplies(All IMO approved) at any Australian ports with required lead times.

Through our associates at Singapore we can provide IMO approved, most commonly used Tank Cleaning Chemicals and wall wash supplies on short notice.








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